HD Endoscopes

Our new HD endoscopes offer a bright and clear HD image with a high depth of focus and low distortions at the edge of the field of view thanks to optimized illumination. In order to prevent moisture penetrating into the endo-scopes, the light fibers are mounted in the housing of the endoscope in a tension-free manner, and the sight glasses are soldered with gold at both exit surfaces. Thus, they are less susceptible to the occurring thermal stress during autoclaving and last longer.

  • Laparoscopes
  • Hysteroscopes

Floating Glass Fibres

The endoscopes are designed, so that the glass fibers are mounted without continuous tension. This results in less stress on the overall mechanical system, in particular on the light entrance and light exit surfaces. This enhances the life expectancy and improves service life.

Gold Standard

According the latest state of the art, the sight glass is fixed in place with gold solder instead of glue. This guarantees a better fit and improves protection against ingress of moisture. Additionally it enables the occurring stress during any autoclave-cycle to better dispense.


Wisap HD Endoscopes


01. Sight Glass

02. Light Exit Surface

Clear and Bright View

For a clear and unique view our endoscopes offer high HD quality. Together with the optimized illumi-nation they offer a very bright and clear picture, which is rich in contrast. Added to this is an increased depth of field, which enables the user to change the working distance without having to refocus. We also offer best image quality by reducing the chromatic aberration and reflections.

Better Illumination

For our new family HD endoscopes, special emphasis was placed on the creation of homogeneous and sharp-edged lighting.

HD-Hysteroscopes / HD-Laparoscopes


Wisap HD Endoscopes

Wisap HD Endoscopes