Leisegang Colposcope

With over 65 years of experience in the development and production of colposcopes, the name LEISEGANG stands for traditional German engineering excellence.

Leisegang is a long established German company founded 120 years ago. Since 1948, Leisegang has specialized in the manufacture of colposcopes, and over the years has become one of the world's industry leaders.

Through advanced lenses, white LEDs and a large portion of manual labor, Leisegang's colposcopes have premium quality which is essential for accurate diagnosis in gynecology. That's why Leisegang's colposcopes are considered the "Gold Standard" in colposcopy and sold to more than 70 countries worldwide.

We have a broad range of colposcopes to choose, from a simple standard colposcope with different levels of magnification to advanced photo/video colposcopes with integrated or external camera. Optimized accessories, such as a software for documentation or a micromanipulator extend the possible fields of application.

All Leisegang colposcopes meet the medical and technical requirements, guidelines and regulations. Our products are available worldwide; in the US, they are available from Cooper Surgical. In 2010, Cooper Surgical's LEEP and cryosurgery products and gynecology instruments were bundled into our new ColpoSuite which permits Leisegang to provide a comprehensive solution for your dysplasia consultation.

Six good reasons for choosing LEISEGANG:

Convergent Optics

Unlike the parallel optics often found elsewhere on the market, Leisegang offers convergent optics for fatigue-free work.

The advantage of convergent optics is that light beams come together at a working distance of 300 mm, meaning that the eyes do not have to focus at this distance themselves.

Ergonomic Design

Decades of experience and a sophisticated design contribute to user-friendly handling and slim design.

Ergonomic adjustment drives for height, focus and angle tilting allow exact positioning to millimetric accuracy. Detachable rings for ocular covers enable use of the colposcope with glasses.

LED Lighting

All Leisegang colposcopes are equipped with continuously adjustable white-light LED lighting. A higher light intensity allows a clearly superior contrast, leading to a more precise diagnosis.

Leisegang provides an extremely bright LED spotlight with a lighting strength of 45,000–52,000 Lux at a working distance of 300 mm.

Comfortable Stands

Whether mobile or fixed to an examination chair, Leisegang stands are characterized by an ease of use and a low space requirement.

A slim, sophisticated design provides reliable stability, allowing maximum possible movement for precise positioning.


Among other associated equipment, Leisegang offers photo and video adaptors. By using these adaptors, standard colposcopes can also be retrofitted as photo/video colposcopes, so even with a standard colposcope it is possible to document diagnoses.


A Leisegang colposcope is a great investment from a durability point of view, with even lamp replacement being unnecessary. It’s an investment that will pay off.

All Leisegang colposcopes have the following features:

  • Convergent optical beam path for fatigue-free work
  • Vivid, 3D image
  • 300 mm working distance
  • LED lighting:
    • With a color temperature of 5,700-6,000 Kelvin for excellent contrast
    • With a lighting strength of 45,000-52,000 Lux (at a working distance of 300 mm)
    • Only 10 W power consumption
    • The lamps have a long lifetime and therefore do not need to be replaced
    • Continuously variable adjustment
  • Green filter for observation of blood vessels
  • Compensation for myopia and hyperopia through adjustable oculars
  • Standard color Grey white (RAL 9002). Also available in all colors within the RAL color system

MediaWorkStation organises image and video footage easily and efficiently. The software was optimized for colposcopy in collaboration with leading international gynecologists. The result is a highly intuitive user interface that ensures an easy workflow.

An integrated images atlas supports appraisal as reference. A DICOM Push interface can be purchased optionally. 3 months support inclusive.

MediaWorkStation software is a class 1 medical device.


The following language versions are available:

German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese