Word Catheter

The Word Catheter is an effective office treatment following an incision and drainage of a Bartholin cyst or abscess, providing your patient immediate relief. Bartholin cysts/abscesses have a high rate of recurrence unless an accessory duct is provided to permanently drain the obstructed acini.

The WORD Bartholin Gland Catheter is made of medical-grade silicone. The catheter provides an accessory duct to permanently drain an obstructed acini, providing the patient with immediate relief.


For treatment of cysts or abscesses of the Bartholin Gland.


Any condition that would preclude normal incision and drainage of the vulvar cyst or abscess.


Follow the normal precautions used after any incision of a cyst or abscess. Follow the normal precautions used when any catheter is inserted and left in place.


1. Lance or incise the cyst or abscess in the normal manner. Insure that the lance or opening to the cyst is large enough for the catheter to be inserted. This is typically performed in the introitus at or behind the hymenial ring to prevent vulvar scarring.

2. Insert the sterile catheter into the incision and inflate the bulb with 2 to 3 cc of sterile water. Use just that quantity of water necessary to assure that the catheter will not fall out or be expelled by normal activity. Do not air inflate.

3. Tuck the catheter stem into the vagina, allowing freedom of movement and activity.

4. Leave the catheter in place for four to six weeks, until epithelialization of the new orifice is complete. Patient should expect a discharge or drainage around the catheter stem.

5. Remove the catheter by inserting a needle into the catheter and withdrawing the water.

6. Withdraw the catheter from the incision.

Word Catheter