Vaginal Dilators

Vaginal Dilators can be used to overcome the pain of sexual intercourse experienced by some patients through muscle-relaxation techniques. The step-by-step instructions describe how to use vaginal dilators to gradually increase patient comfort level. Vaginal dilators are also recommended following reconstructive surgery and radiation therapy to help keep the vaginal canal supple.

Device Description

  • Dilators can help overcome the pain of intercourse by teaching patients how to relax the vaginal muscles.
  • Dilators are recommended following radiation therapy and reconstructive vaginal surgery to help restore elasticity of vaginal tissue.

Indications for Use

Vaginal dilators are devices developed for progressive vaginal dilation therapy in the treatment of vaginismus (muscular spasm of the vagina) and the conditions that result in constriction of the vaginal and/or rectal orifice.

Such conditions may be the result of vaginal and/or rectal reconstruction surgery or radiation therapy.


  • Pregnant patients should not use Dilators.
  • Patients suspected of vaginal infection

Use of Dilators for Pain Associated with Sexual Intercourse

You have been prescribed a set of vaginal dilators, which when used as instructed, can help overcome pain associated with intercourse. Such pain is often caused, at least in part, by a spasm of the muscles around the vaginal entrance. This muscle tension is called vaginismus.

Use of Dilators Following Reconstructive Vaginal Surgery

You have just had reconstructive surgery of your vagina. The vaginal dilators you have been prescribed, when used as instructed, can help keep the vagina open and the tissue more supple, making intercourse and follow-up examinations more comfortable. Begin using the dilators as soon as possible after your surgery. Use dilators, as prescribed, for 5 to 10 minutes daily for 10 days. Leave dilator in place overnight if you are not having intercourse.

Medications: Post-Reconstructive Surgery

If there are no contraindications, estrogen vaginal cream may be recommended for women without ovaries. The estrogen cream is inserted vaginally once a week.

Medications: Post-Radiation Therapy

Your doctor will determine if you should use an estrogen cream, depending on the type of condition you have. Apply lubricant as directed.